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Watch: Toddler Goes Vegetable Buying; Web Says “Aww”

Watch: Toddler Goes Vegetable Buying; Web Says “Aww”

The internet is full of videos that never fail to warm our hearts and make us happy! Whether it’s a child engaging in their usual tactics or doing adorable things, they are always a joy to watch. And one such video that will certainly brighten up your day is of an adorable toddler who is going vegetable shopping with his grandmother! The video shows that the child is carrying a vegetable bag and has his shopping list ready with him. Then he counts his money and leaves with his grandmother for the market. As the child recites his list of things in his cute baby voice, this video definitely promises an ‘Awww’ moment to the audience.

In the video — uploaded on Instagram channel @tintinkabacha — when the mother asks, “where is your list? What all have you mentioned in it?” The child replies by saying, “tomato, broccoli, capsicum and mushroom.” Then the mother says, how much money do you have and is it enough? The child cutely replies by saying that he has “100 rupees and grandmother also has 100 ruppes.” Take a look at the video:

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered up to four lakh views and 38.4 likes with several comments. One user wrote, “My heart melts while watching him.” While another one said, “Can’t wait to return from market…waiting to hear all his stories..much love to Kabir.”

One user also said, “Kabir is so cute, so adorable and that black tee and pant makes him the handsome kid.”

While this is one such example of this adorable child indulging in food, interestingly, this is not the only one. Earlier, when the child’s mother offered him roti sabzi or rice dal, he replied by saying, “no thank you!” says the adorable infant. When she asks why he doesn’t want to eat desi khana, he quickly responds, “Cake khana hai!” Check it out below:


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