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Watch: Black Charcoal Dosa Is Giving Web Combined Ideas

Watch: Black Charcoal Dosa Is Giving Web Combined Ideas

The internet is an interesting place, from funny videos to informative content, you can spend hours in front of the screen and not even realise it. From travel, entertainment and art to food, you Google it and you will find hundreds and thousands of videos. More often than not, we come across videos that grab our attention and we can’t help but watch them in loop. Similarly, we recent.ly came across a video on Instagram that was wildly amusing, to say the least. We all love the South Indian delight – dosa, right? The thin crispy crepe has a special place in our hearts, and in the name of variety, we have savoured a list of dosa recipes like lauki dosa, palak dosa, Chinese-style dosa, ragi dosa and even chocolate dosa. But, what caught our eyeballs most recently was a charcoal dosa! Yes, you read that right! A pitch-black and elegant charcoal dosa served with colourful vegetable stuffing, mayonnaise, and cheese. The Instagram reel was shared by a page named ‘redchilli_foods’; however, the dosa is originally served by a restaurant in Madurai named ‘Maduras’. This bold and beautiful dosa is too good to miss; take a look:

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The Instagram reel has garnered over 24.5k likes and many interesting comments. While some are in favour of the dosa, others did not take it well and criticised the creation. One of the readers commented, “Dislike option hona hi chahiye (there should be a dislike button)”. Another comment read, “Dek ke hi mann na ho khaane ka (Just looking at it makes me not want to eat).”

While the majority of comments were against the dosa, many were intrigued by the colour. One reader wrote. “How is it black”, whereas another commented “What did you mix in it? How black?”

What do you think about this pitch-black Charcoal Dosa? Will you be up to try it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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