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Watch: Ahmedabad Stall Sells Oreo Pakoda; Video Leaves Web Sad

Watch: Ahmedabad Stall Sells Oreo Pakoda; Video Leaves Web Sad

We have often come across various bizarre food combinations on the internet. From kiwi pizza to chocolate chai and more – there is an extensive range of food combos, the idea of which leave us confused. One such instance we recently came across was of Oreo Pakoda. Yes, you heard us. A street food stall in Ahmedabad has grabbed our attention for selling pakoda made with much-popular Oreo biscuits. This video was originally posted by food vlogger Amar Sihori on his YouTube channel ‘Foodie Incarnate’. This almost three-minute video also shows how Ahmedabad’s popular Oreo pakoda is made.

The video starts with Amar Sihori explaining that this stall (selling Oreo Pakoda) is there for 15 years and people, especially kids, love having these pakoras. He then focuses on the food stall owner who further demonstrated how the pakoda is made.

For making Oreo pakoda, you need first make a besan batter, then dip the biscuits in the batter and deep fry. Serve it hot with some boiled mirchi by the side.

Take a look at the video here:

Originally posted on November 4, 2021, this video went viral and garnered more than 1lakh views and hundreds of comments. ” Oreo se pahile shayad parle sunfiest ke cream biscut ka banate honge,” one person wrote.

Another comment read, “After few years Oreo ki sabji with kulcha.” A third user wrote, “After few years – le lo bhai Oreo dum biriyani *500 rupees kg”

A comment read, “don’t worry bro, it’s a gesture of thano’s arrival.” Another person wrote, “Hatsoff to those kids who eats that thing…..”

Would you want to give this Oreo pakoda a try? Let us know in the comments below.

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