Home Entertainment ‘Squid Sport’ creator says second season is coming

‘Squid Sport’ creator says second season is coming

‘Squid Sport’ creator says second season is coming

The reaction to the series has left him with “no choice” but to make another, Hwang said at a red carpet event for “Squid Game” at NeueHouse in Los Angeles on Monday.

“There’s been so much demand, love and attention for a season two so I feel I have no choice but to make a season two,” he said.

“I have a rough idea about it but I think it’s too early to say when or how specifically. But I can promise you this — Gi-hun will come back and he will do something for the world.”

"Squid Game" has become a global phenomenon.

A Netflix spokesperson told CNN that the company was in discussions about a second season but that one had not yet been confirmed.

Exclusive: Squid Game is Netflix's 'biggest ever' series launch

“Squid Game” is a fictional drama from South Korea in which contestants who are desperately in need of money play deadly children’s games to win cash prizes.

On October 12, Netflix exclusively told CNN it was its “biggest-ever series at launch.”

'Squid Game' director Hwang Dong-hyuk: 'This is a story about losers'

At the beginning of October, Hwang told CNN about his thoughts on a second series.

“Writing, producing and directing a series alone was really such a big task. When I think about doing the same for season two, I’m personally kind of worried,” he said. “There’s nothing confirmed at the moment, but so many people are enthusiastic that I’m really contemplating it.”


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