Home Health Sonam Kapoors Weekend Indulgence Included This Dessert; Take A Look

Sonam Kapoors Weekend Indulgence Included This Dessert; Take A Look

Sonam Kapoors Weekend Indulgence Included This Dessert; Take A Look

Besides being the diva that she is, Sonam Kapoor is a true foodie at heart and doesn’t miss out on a chance to try out lip-smacking dishes from time to time. This weekend, Sonam gorged on a sweet treat, and she shared about the same on Instagram. In the posts on Instagram Stories, we could see her indulging in pancakes with some delicious maple syrup. Sonam tagged her friend, Imran Amed, too. The pancakes looked amazing with the bottle of maple syrup in the first video. We can also hear Sonam saying, “Pancakes, just so that I could have this maple syrup all the way from Canada by my friend Imram Amed. Thank you, I love you!”

In the next Stories, Sonam is seen pouring the syrup on those pancakes topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries. Sonam also reposted another Instagram Stories by one Neha G that features the same pancakes.


Instagram story by Sonam Kapoor


From her Instagram Stories, it appears that Sonam had a good day. However, her gastronomic adventure range beyond pancakes. If you go ahead and take a look at her Stories further, you’ll find that she had a sumptuous feast too! Sonam uploaded a video that featured many dishes prepared by her and Neha. Here, too, Sonam can be heard saying, “By Sonam and Neha – we have biryani, dal turi and raita. Anand, we are waiting for you for lunch, super excited!”

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We could also spot a steamed rice platter alongside. The biryani, cooked with a host of spices, looks amazing. Sonam was waiting for her husband Anand Ahuja right before she enjoyed this drool-worthy lunch.


A few days ago, Sonam had uploaded a few Instagram Stories about her experience at a London-based restaurant, Mimi Mei Fair. In the Stories, we could see the beautiful décor of the restaurant. Sonam also captured the chef cutting a delectable piece of meat skilfully. She further went on to give us a glimpse of “traditional Peking duck smoked with applewood” — the dish she relished. Along with this, Sonam treated us to some sweet delights and posted a couple of Stories on to desserts. She had a flourless chocolate cake with mandarin and pecan crunch, vanilla bean ice cream, and coco-mango vegan sundae. Are you hungry already? Take a look at Sonam’s indulgence here.

We can’t wait for Sonam Kapoor to share with us another drool-worthy food experience soon!


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