Home Health Neha Dhupia Enjoys This Scrumptious Punjabi Meal In Chandigarh; See Pic

Neha Dhupia Enjoys This Scrumptious Punjabi Meal In Chandigarh; See Pic

Neha Dhupia Enjoys This Scrumptious Punjabi Meal In Chandigarh; See Pic

Kulcha and chole are a match made in heaven. You can’t say no to this mouth-watering delicacy, especially when in Punjab. Agree? Well, we don’t know about you but Neha Dhupia agrees with us here. The actress, who is in Chandigarh, enjoyed the lip-smacking combo on a fine day! And, she didn’t forget to announce it on Instagram. The platter looked drool-worthy, to say the least. Neha relished the platter with a signature tamarind and onion chutney. Neha encapsulated her experience with the sticker “Yum.” Her caption read, “Also, bomb kulcha recco…”       

Take a look:


Image Instagrammed by Neha Dhupia

Now, don’t tell us that you are craving kulcha after looking at Neha Dhupia’s food diaries? Are you? Worry not, please. We have you covered. Take a look at this list of some famous kulcha recipes that you can easily prepare at home.

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1) Kulcha Naan

This is a version of an Indian flatbread made with all-purpose flour and topped with sesame seeds. You refer to this recipe whenever you want to satiate your rumbling tummy with good food. Pair it up with spicy chole and enjoy your meal.   


2) Onion Kulcha

You can prepare this flavourful bread with whole wheat flour. For stuffing? All you need is chilis, coriander leaves, ginger, mint leaves, carom seeds and red chilli powder along with chopped onions. Prepare this and serve hot to your family members.  


3) Kaladi Kulcha

This is straight from the streets of Jammu and Kashmir. And, the best part is you can prepare it within 10 mins. All you need for this one is raw kaladi cheese. So, what are you waiting for? 

4) Amritsari Kulcha

This is one delight that Amritsar has gifted to all food lovers. Hey, don’t forget to put dollops of ghee on it before serving it.


5) Chana Kulcha

If you are looking for a recipe to prepare for your next party, your search ends here. Prepare this fluffy kulcha and Impress your friends and family. 

Try these recipes today and let us know which one you liked the best!


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