Home Health How To Make Dates Cake: The Eggless Deal with You Can Binge On, Guilt-Free

How To Make Dates Cake: The Eggless Deal with You Can Binge On, Guilt-Free

How To Make Dates Cake: The Eggless Deal with You Can Binge On, Guilt-Free

The weather has begun to change and we are at the cusp of winters. When the cold season begins, the air gets nippy and we automatically reach for shawls and sweaters to keep us warm. Just as we change our wardrobe, our food preferences also start to shift. We instantly crave comforting brews and warm broths to keep us cosy. Dry fruits, nuts and seeds make it back to our daily diet. Dates, for instance, are popularly consumed during winter season. Rich in iron and fibre, dates make for a healthy addition to our daily diet. What if we told you that you could enjoy dates in the form of a heavenly dessert? This quick and easy dates cake is completely eggless and can be binged on, endlessly without any guilt!


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The dates cake recipe is one of the easiest cake recipes out there. The scrumptious cake uses simple ingredients which are readily available in our kitchens. Although the recipe uses sugar, you can avoid it entirely and make the cake sugar-free and delicious. The natural, tarty sweetness from the dates is the unique part about this cake. The additional crunch from the roasted almonds gives it a unique Further, the dates cake recipe is completely eggless!

So, without further ado, let’s dig into this yummy date-cake recipe and get cooking.

How To Make Dates Cake | Easy Eggless Dates Cake Recipe:

Start the recipe by making dates paste with dates, sugar, and milk. Combine the three ingredients in a mixer or food processor, and keep blending till a smooth paste is formed. Now, transfer the paste to a bowl to mix with the other ingredients. This includes refined oil, flour, baking powder. Mix everything together to form a smooth batter. Transfer this batter to a greased container and sprinkled almonds on top. Pour it in a floured baking dish, and bake for 30-40 minutes at 150 degrees. Serve hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or fresh whipping cream!

Click here for the complete recipe of eggless dates cake.

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