Home Health Do You Know What Is Rakul Preet Singhs “See Meals Food plan?” Discover Out Right here

Do You Know What Is Rakul Preet Singhs “See Meals Food plan?” Discover Out Right here

Do You Know What Is Rakul Preet Singhs “See Meals Food plan?” Discover Out Right here

You may have heard of a seafood diet — one that is loaded with fish, prawns, lobsters, crabs… You get the drift, right? But do you know about the ‘see food diet’? This term is often used humorously and means you eat everything in your sight. Rakul Preet Singh just did that recently. The actress is a foodie and this time around, she relished some ‘puris’ or deep-fried puffy bread, usually made using whole wheat flour. Rakul posted a snapshot of a plateful of hot puris on Instagram Stories and left us drooling! She captioned it, “See Food Diet”.

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Take a look at the picture here:


Instagram story by rakulpreet

There’s no doubt about the fact that Rakul Preet Singh loves to indulge her taste buds once in a while and her Instagram Stories are proof. But, having said that, we also know that she is a fitness freak and keeps her meals healthy.

A few days ago, she uploaded a video on Instagram Stories showing us the welcome goodies she received on a film set. We spotted granola bars, chocolates, coconut water, ginger tea, sugar-free cookies, dry apricots among other things. The delectable goodies were sent to her by RSVP movies. For this, Rakul Preet wrote, “And we begin! I love it that everybody knows that I have to be given healthy stuff”. Find out more about it here.

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Rakul Preet had once posted about a delicious tangy treat and stated its health benefits as well. It looked like curd rice, but in the caption, she revealed it was curd with chia pudding. Explaining the benefits, she wrote that according to her nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal, “the live microbes in dahi and the fibre in chia will help her keep the gut happy and free of any bloating”. Click here to find out how Rakul Preet gave a healthy twist to the curd delicacy.

Did you know Rakul Preet Singh likes to keep her food ‘fashionable’? A couple of months ago, she had posted the photo of two different cups of coffee, one after the other, on Instagram Stories. Her first cup showed the name ‘Dior,’ the French luxury fashion house, on the foam while, the other cup came with ‘Chanel’ logo crafted on top. She asked her Instafam which one they preferred. Read more about Rakul Preet’s fashionable coffee here.

Despite her busy shooting schedules, Rakul Preet Singh makes sure that she does not miss out on good food!


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