Home Health Dahi Samosa Chaat: This Tangy Chaat Is Positive To Tantalise Your Style Buds

Dahi Samosa Chaat: This Tangy Chaat Is Positive To Tantalise Your Style Buds

Dahi Samosa Chaat: This Tangy Chaat Is Positive To Tantalise Your Style Buds

For the ones who love to savour fried and crispy street food such as bhajis, pakoras, cutlets, kachoris with their sham ki chai, we have got one of the most loved street foods of the nation that surely needs no introduction – the samosa! Loved by all throughout the length and breadth of the country, this north Indian snack is sure to bring smiles on hundreds and thousands of faces with its perfect crunchy outer and masaledar stuffing. While classic aloo samosa is one popular version of this snack, various chefs, home chefs, cafes and restaurants are now coming up with new versions of this popular snack. Be it the Indo-Italian version like pasta samosa, pizza samosa and also Indo Chinese version like noodle samosa, chilli paneer, the list is endless- leaving us spoilt for choices.

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Here we bring you one such amazing version of this snack known as dahi samosa chaat. Made with rich freshly grounded spices, crispy aloo samosa and a lot of dahi, this chaat is surely to die for. The aroma and the perfect crispy and mushy texture of this chaat is incomparable and will definitely leave you licking your fingers. If you are anything like us who love to gorge on samosa and its different versions, you should definitely try this lip-smacking combination. Read below to learn how to make this delicacy at home with some simple steps.

Here’s How You Can Make Dahi Samosa Chaat | Dahi Samosa Chaat:

To prepare this recipe, all you need to do is knead a dough and prepare the stuffing with mashed potatoes, matar (optional), green chillies and a host of tangy spices. Once done, take a small portion from the dough, roll it and stuff it with the potato stuffing.

Then deep fry it until crispy and brown. And there you get your samosas ready. Now for the chaat, break the samosa into small pieces on a plate, add hung curd, chutney, chaat masala, coriander leaves, sev and other ingrediients on top of it and your Dahi samosa chaat is ready to relish!

Click here for the step-by-step detailed recipe of Dahi samosa chaat.

Prepare this chaat in the coming weekend for your family and friends and let us know their reactions in the comment section below. Happy Weekend!


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