Home Health Cleansing Out Your Fridge Earlier than Re-Stocking? Right here Are Some Recipe Concepts

Cleansing Out Your Fridge Earlier than Re-Stocking? Right here Are Some Recipe Concepts

Cleansing Out Your Fridge Earlier than Re-Stocking? Right here Are Some Recipe Concepts

The fridge is definitely one of the most essential appliances of the modern kitchen. However, keeping it well-stocked is a different task altogether. We often see just three or four odd vegetables left at the bottom of our fridge container, with us struggling to think of recipes that could help us use them. Whether it’s half a carrot or some frozen peas, pumpkin, or cauliflower – these vegetables just keep sitting in our fridge until they go bad and ultimately have to be thrown away. What if we told you that there are actually some recipes you can create to clean out the fridge before re-stocking? A recently surfaced Reddit post was centred around this discussion. Take a look:

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The post was shared in the sub-Reddit r/cooking by u/combeferret. It has received 1.5k upvotes in a short span of time. “Who else enjoys the challenge of creating meals out of everything in their fridge before restocking,” asked the subject of the open discussion.

A number of Reddit users shared their thoughts about the same topic. Some of them wanted to share how this activity spurred their creativity with multiple ingredients in the same dish. “I’ll just dump everything into a stir fry, stew or a fried rice,” wrote one user. Take a look:

A few other users recommended trying Tex-Mex cuisine with leftover vegetables to clean out the fridge. For instance, fajita or taco veggies could be made with all kinds of bizarre combinations.

Another user recommended using vegetables to make breakfasts for the weekend. Dishes such as vegetable scramble can be made with a variety of vegetable leftovers in your refrigerator. You could also bake frittatas or quiches with these vegetables. Another idea would be a quick breakfast wrap!

One Reddit user also came up with a quick and easy egg-based dish that could be created with the leftover vegetables. Another also suggested a bowl of hassle-free rice combining all the leftover ingredients in your fridge. These recipes are so simple, you’ll instantly want to try them!

Several Redditors also could relate to this discussion, as they shared their thoughts about the same. A few also posted their own anecdotes about clearing their fridges which generated laughs. Take a look:

What do you like to make at home while cleaning out your fridge? Tell us in the comments below.

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