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5 Scrumptious Pasta Choices For The Pasta Lover In You

5 Scrumptious Pasta Choices For The Pasta Lover In You

Eating a bowl of delicious pasta at the end of a tiring day can make us forget about all our worries. If it is up to us, we would have pasta every other week but ordering pasta can be expensive. Don’t worry, we have your back! We have shortlisted some good-quality packets of pasta just for you. Now you can easily whip up a bowl of creamy pasta in the middle of the night in minutes to satiate your cravings. This list has some of the classic pasta shapes that we enjoy in restaurants.

Here Are 5 Pasta Options To Choose From:

1.Del Monte Penne Rigate Pasta Durum Wheat (Imported)

Del Monte’s penne pasta is made of durum wheat semolina. It is also filled with dietary fibres that slow down the absorption of carbs and fat, making you feel satiated for a long period of time!

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2.Savorit Popular Spiral Pasta 500g

Savorit’s spiral pasta is made from the best quality wheat grains. This pasta will let you enjoy a guilt-free and nutrient-packed meal in less than 2 minutes. Satiate the mid-night hunger pangs with this wholesome pack of pasta.

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3.Keya Gourmet Fusilli

Keya’s pasta has been crafted from the finest durum wheat semolina to satisfy your craving for authentic pasta. This fusilli is the perfect shape and size that allows the sauce to blend in well, giving you delicious pasta.

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4.Del Monte Spirali Pasta Pouch

Del Monte’s spiral pasta is a good source of protein and dietary fibre, making it a smart choice for lunch, dinner and even breakfast! This packet of spiral pasta is made of durum wheat semolina and it weighs 1000 grams.

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5.DiSano Pastalicious Pasta

DiSano’s spiral pasta is free from artificial colour, added flavour and preservatives. The spiral pasta is made of 100% durum wheat semolina. This pasta is vegetarian, making it an excellent food for everyone.

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