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5 Cookies And Biscuits Choices To Pair Up With Your Night Cuppa

5 Cookies And Biscuits Choices To Pair Up With Your Night Cuppa

For most people, a cup of tea or coffee with delicious cookies and biscuits define the perfect way of enjoying the tea-time affair. It is almost like a ritual for many of us; Isn’t it? Dipping your favourite cookie/biscuit in a steaming cup of chai is a different feeling altogether. If you look around and explore, you will notice a wide range of cookies available in the market and online. Some cookies are made with wheat flour or oats flour, while other cookies are made up of ragi or quinoa flour and more. To ease your search, here we bring you a list of 5 cookie options that can be perfect to pair up with your tea or coffee. All these cookies are super delicious, healthy and also has a perfect melt in the mouth texture.

Here’s A List Of Cookies To Choose From:

1. RiteBite Max Protein 7 Grain Breakfast Cookies

This cookie pack is enriched with the goodness of 7 grains – oats, ragi, quinoa, corn, wheat, Bengal gram and Amaranth. Besides, this pack has the right amount of carbs, protein and a whole lot of flavour.

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2. Chai Point Filter Coffee Cookies

Made with whole wheat flour (Atta) & rolled oats and super seeds such as flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, this pack of cookies is a combination of both health and taste. In addition to this, it is also vegan and has zero added preservatives.

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3. Nourish Organics Almond Buckwheat Cookies

Buckwheat is one of the most nutritious whole grains. It is known to offer so many health benefits. This pack of buckwheat cookies is fibre rich and contains high protein and is also perfect for the people who prefer gluten-free snacks.

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4. Ketofy – Choco Fudge Keto Cookies

Here we bring you another super healthy cookie option. This cookie pack is perfect for the people who are on keto diet as they are free of gluten and sugar content. Besides, these cookies are infused with the richness of ingredients such as cocoa butter, cocoa, almonds and a lot of seeds.

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5. Hey Grain Honey Oatmeal Cookies

Made with the goodness of whole grain wheat flour, rolled oats and honey, this pack of cookies is perfect for a healthy tea-time treat.

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